E Regulatory Consultancy B.V. is a Curacao based regulatory consultant firm with its goal being to foster innovation by means of effective Regulation and Implementation. We specialize in advising and achieving realistic and executable tailor-made solutions for the sectors Telecom, ICT, Post, Energy, Cyber Security, Utilities, Renewable Energy and Aviation that need to comply with regulatory targets. Our primary activities are directed in providing useful services for the different countries in the Caribbean Basin and the Netherlands.


E Regulatory Consultancy B.V. was established on Curacao by J. D. Decanha who held the office Director of Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post until recently. Based on his vast experience and his insight into the art of regulating various sectors, he is currently making his experience available to provide assistance for the various players (authorities, companies, institutions, operators and individuals) who deal on daily or sporadic basis with issues that are subjected by regulatory rules and regulations.

E Regulatory Consultancy B.V. is active in the sectors Telecom, ICT, Post, Energy, Cyber Security, Utilities, Renewable Energy and Aviation. We provide consultancy regarding technical regulation, frequency management, economic regulation and legal advice. We also provide administrative services regarding licensing and supervision services in all the above mentioned sectors. Our mission is for you to obtain efficient operation and all its benefits. With the experience we have obtained through the years, we can guide your organization with a reorganizational plan and training of your personnel in order for you to comply with the regulatory framework requirements and conditions applicable in your environment.

We have over 30 years of experience and are capable and able to provide all the important services to provide technical and economic development and growth in the above mentioned sectors.

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