Legal Services

Legal services for providing universal access, sustainable growth, involvement, innovation and integration.

We provide the following legal services:

  • Advise and support in developing of Policies and legislation;
  • Advise in developing a Framework of Rules and Regulations;
  • Advise and support on guidelines and procedure for regulated activities;
  • Advise and support on licensing conditions for provisioning of services in the regulated sectors;
  • Advise and support on license application;
  • Advise and support on legal inspection and approval forms;
  • Advise and support on general conditions for provision of services;
  • Advise and support of Cooperation Agreements;
  • Advising and support in interconnection disputes;
  • Advise and support in organizing Interconnection dispute hearings;
  • Advise and support in developing licenses, concession and registration fees for service provisioning and private usage;
  • Advise on license and concession condition for provisioning of services;
  • Advise on new regulatory approaches.