Sustainable Mobility & Electric Cars
Private Transportation and Public Transportation are a very important pillar for development of the economy and for providing means for the general public to attend to their business at different locations.

The cost involved for each citizen to have the possibility to provide for its transportation needs is expensive since most countries have to import transportation means, besides the cost monthly the costumers have to buy fuel at a price which is determined by international fluctuations of the oil prices. The same is applicable for public transportation (Small buses, Buses and Taxi's) which are also subjected to the fuel fluctuations. Innovation in this sector is a must to obtain affordable prices that are less dependent on the fossil fuels. The electrical, hydrogen solutions in this sector will provide the necessary solution for the next 5 years.

E Regulatory Consultancy B.V. provides advice and solutions for the conversion of fossil driven transport into the new era mobility using renewable power sources (batteries, fuel-cells, natural- and bio-gas). We also provide solutions for affordability and sustainability in the transport sector including Developing Infrastructure to Charge the Plug-In Electric Vehicles and for Hydrogen driven cars.

Our Services:

  • Develop Policies and Legislation for sustainable transport using alternative fuels and power sources to maintain optimal and dependable transportation means;
  • Develop implementation plans for sustainable transportation taking into consideration deployment of alternative Point of Charge and Point of Sales and their infrastructure;
  • Developing of cost efficient calculating models for the transportation sector;
  • Provide street lightning solutions (efficient LED street lights) for affordable and high quality street lightning;
  • Vehicle tracing and WiFi/LTE in vehicles;