Who We Serve: Consumer Interest

In a free market consumer's interest are regularly neglected by providers of vital services. In order for these consumers to be able to reap the benefits of competition and innovation, their interest should be guaranteed while products and services being provided by the service providers should meet certain conditions. These conditions being: The products and services must be readily-available; Affordable; Quality driven and Sustainable. Furthermore the services being provided to consumers must meet specific standards of quality while terms and conditions for the services being supplied should be fair and nonbinding with regards to changing providers. Rules and Regulations should prevent unfair practices while guaranteeing services.

Our services:

  • Evaluate and Advise in the Consumer's Interest for Government and Providers;
  • Provide assistance into analyzing Terms and Conditions for services in the respective sectors;
  • Provide guidelines and support to Regulators and Providers for awareness programs concerning the sector;