Frequency Policy and Planning

We provide the following frequency policy and planning for all the sectors we serve:

  • Advising on frequency policy, WARC recommendations and guidelines;
  • Implementation of specific frequency policies and guidelines;
  • Support in developing frequency site management tools and protocols;
  • Advice in allocation of existing and new frequency spectrum;
  • Advice in Farming and Re-Farming spectrum;
  • Advising on assignment of specific frequency bands;
  • Advise and implementation on deployment of specific frequencies;
  • Support the in monitoring of frequency bands;
  • Advise and support in resolving complaints on radio spectrum interference;
  • Advise and support in resolving complaints of issues regarding Electromagnetic interference (EMI), Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), Radio Frequency Immunity(RFI);
  • Advising on the inspection of radio equipment;
  • Advise in developing and support in implementing antenna site management and core locations procedures;
  • Advise in antenna site and Co-location protocols;
  • Advise in antenna tower management and inspection protocols;
  • Advise on coordination of frequencies.