Who we are

E Regulatory Consultancy B.V. is a professional company based on Curacao and is proud to serve the different actors and stakeholders in their regulated sectors such as Government, Regulator, Providers and Consumers.

E Regulatory Consultancy B.V offers a diverse selection of specialties such as:

Advisory Services in the field of Regulation, Economic, Cost-Efficiency, Financial, Legal and Technology;

Provides services comprising license application and acquisition, fulfillment of applications requirements such as feasibility studies, technical studies and administrate requirements and support in execution and implementation of the license conditions;

Providing support services in implementing of compliance requirements for Telecom/ICT Internet networks and their related services;

Provides support and advisory services in implementing compliance requirements for Utility Providers (Electricity, Water and Fuel) within their License Conditions;

Guidance and Support in achieving your business goals while complying with all regulatory provisions cq. Rules and Regulations;

Providing a wide-range of technical, operational, financial and legal solutions for Wireless and Fixed Telecom networks and Internet related infrastructures;

Provides support in developing and implementing price calculation models for efficiency and affordability in the Energy – Utility, Telecom and Aeronautical Sectors;

Performs quality of service and technical quality inspections in the Telecom, ICT and Utilities sector;

Develops and Implement Technical standards, Net-Codes and Feed-in/ Interconnection of Renewable Energy Sources for Production and Distribution in the Utilities sector;

Provides support in implementing Technological and Operational support to Utilities Providers in the Electricity and Water Production and Distribution segments such as Smart Grid, Smart Meters and Data Monitoring;

Provides Technical and Operational support in obtaining greater efficiency in the operations of Utilities Providers when dealing with NRW (Non-revenue Water) and NRE (Non-revenue Electricity) issues;

Reorganizing Regulators, Utilities and Service Providers into restructuring their organization in compliance with the existing Policies, Legislations and Regulatory Frameworks.

E Regulatory Consultancy B.V has a vast network of local and international professionals and is headed by Mr. J.D. DeCanha with over 30 years of regulatory experience in the sectors Telecom, Post, E-Gaming, Cybersecurity, Aeronautical Transport and Utilities Sectors.