Fossil Energy

A nation’s economy depends on various types of fuel to power its growth and development. We provide the advisory services for the development of a sustainable growth of the economy while using the most efficient (fossil) fuels at affordable prices for the consumer.

We specialize in means of standardization, procedures, quality norms and regulatory compliances. The accessibility to fuels for different power consuming systems are hereby guaranteed. We provide the solution of an efficient energy supply chain and promote the use of new energy sources such as hydrogen (H2), biogas, biofuels and natural gas (CNG & LNG).

The services that we provide in these sectors are the following:

  • Analysis and Solution Implementation of the energy production and consumption market;
  • Analysis and Solution Implementation of the mobility (Transport) fuel market;
  • Promote efficiency and quality service of energy savings;
  • Development of guidelines based on basic principles of regulations, such as affordability, sustainability, efficiency, renewables and continuity;
  • Overall policy for Fuel Distribution;
  • Develop policy for renewable fuel production;
  • Development of cost modeling models for calculation of the fuel clause;
  • Development model fuel gas station;
  • Developing of quality guidelines for fuel gas stations;
  • Development of alternative energy sources Hydrogen, Solar, Wind and Biofuels;