Business Solution

E Regulatory Consultancy B.V. provides services for advising and developing organizational structure for private enterprises whose operations are submitted with the existing regulatory rules and regulation in which they operate.

For governmental entities that are responsible to regulate a specific sector, we provide services of reorganizing the operation to comply with the regulatory principles of efficiency, quality and transparency.

E Regulatory Consultancy B.V. is unique in its services and approach and offers a wide range of regulatory services in all its knowledgeable sectors. We provide services in a result driven environment that draw upon a broad range of experience to offer unique insight and guidance to the special conditions which are specific to each of our clients. Our services consist of advisory, regulatory, effective reorganization and implementation services in the Telecom, ICT, Post, Energy, Cyber Security, Utilities, Renewable Energy and Aviation sectors.

These services are provided by local professionals and/or by our international network of specialist that have vast experience and their responsibilities have spanned across all above mentioned sectors.

Services we provide in this sector:

  • Develop Strategic Plans based on existing and new policies for a more efficient and sustainable operation;
  • Develop Business Plans, Organizational Plans, Administrative and Financial Plans, Technical and Legal Operating Frameworks;
  • Develop Implementation Plans and Actions Plans under existing policies;
  • Assign a Implementation Manager to execute developed plans;
  • Evaluate and advise on the executability of the developed policies;
  • Restructuring of personnel affairs/ human resource in regulatory organizations;
  • Organizing seminars and training workshops on specific issues organizational issues;
  • Advising private enterprises on dealings with regulatory requirements in their operations;
  • Developing processes for new regulatory approaches;
  • Developing the regulatory framework and the regulatory organization to comply with existing laws.
  • Advise in Selection, Acquire and Train personnel to establish a better functioning with regulatory environments;
  • Advise in customized organizational activities in your business in Administrative and Financial Plans, Function Description and Process Technical and Legal Operating Frameworks in the regulatory branch;
  • Executing regulatory audits;
  • Perform Market, Impact and Sensitivity analysis for decision making;