Technical Oversight

Technical oversight for providing universal access, sustainable growth, quality of services, involvement, innovation and integration

Provide the following technical oversight in all the sectors we serve:

  • Advise and defining regulatory involvement of regulation;
  • Advise and Planning of Telecom and ICT networks;
  • Advise and Planning of the electrical distribution networks;
  • Advise and Planning of production fossil plans;
  • Advise and Planning on renewable energy sources;
  • Commissioning and quality measurements of Telecom and ICT networks;
  • Executing inspection of electrical production and distribution networks;
  • Support in developing of International Internet Access Networks;
  • Advising on IP transit capacity and Internet exchange;
  • Advising and measuring quality of broadband internet;
  • Advising on the inspection of terminal equipment and type approval;
  • Performing drive test and quality of service measurements;
  • Developing inspection and approval forms;
  • Determine non-revenue water losses and providing solution;
  • Determine non-revenue electricity losses and providing solution;
  • Advise and support on inspection of networks Telecom, Electrical and Water;
  • Advise and support in performing Quality of Internet service;
  • Advise and support in performing inspection of infrastructure networks Towers, Antennas and Transmitting Sites;
  • Advise and Support in transmitting sites management;
  • Advise and support in Implementation of technical requirements for distribute production renewable systems.