Who We Serve: Government

Government has an important role into development of all the sectors that are subjected to Regulations and provide a vital service to the community. The timely adoption of policies, legislation and regulatory framework are a key success factor in developing these sectors which result in better national, social and economic development. The adoption of technology and connection with worldwide development recommended by International organizations into developing your country are a must. Consumer interests are important to be dealt with as government since the political arena the citizens c.q. consumers play an important role.

Our services:

  • Advise, Review and Support government into creating the relevant policies, legislation and regulatory frameworks which guarantee the accelerated development of these sectors;
  • Advise on Implementation of regulatory solutions;
  • Assigning an Implementation Manager for Policy and Product development for the market;
  • Advise on consumer interest to be held at the forefront;
  • Foment and advocate competition in the sectors while maintaining quality and affordability;
  • Advise in Implementing International guidelines in Policies and Legislation for the sectors;
  • Advise on meeting International compliance for the different segments in the sector;
  • Advise in developing Rules, Regulations and Guidelines for the actors and stakeholders in the sector taking into consideration the existing Government Programs;
  • Advise in execution of all national and international programs regarding the development of the specific sectors; 
  • Advise in Competitive advantages of the country regionally.