Who We Serve: Providers

Providers have an important role in every community, this doesn’t only consist of investment in their business for profitable ventures, but in the Utilities, Telecom and ICT sector you also have to keep in mind the economic development, general interest and communal interest for the country in which they operate. Providers that aim at developing and implementing growth opportunities while maintaining a competitive advantage for an organization in a competitive environment that benefit all consumers should focus on some key principles. The key principles being: providers should lead in the developments with respect to innovation, sustainability and guaranteed continuity. With these principles as their main goal the providers should also take into consideration that the services and products they supply in these vital sectors should be quality driven, affordable, cost oriented and universal accessible. The cost orientation can be achieved in a strong competitive market such as in the Telecom sector or in a monopolistic market such as Utilities by means of efficiency, effective, cost based and guaranteed supply. For the development of the Telecom and Utilities sector eReg Consultancy B.V. provides support in reaching the providers goals while operating in a strong regulated sector and while still maintaining costumer interest as the foremost focus.

Our services:

  • Provide support into increasing revenue while complying with Rules and Regulations;
  • Encourage and educate providers in a regulated market;
  • Provide support to providers when dealing with regulatory issues that have direct impact on their operations;
  • Provide support in dealing with regulator when dealing with issues and laws that effect their operations;
  • Conduct analysis of the providers organization and provide advise into the efficient operation in the regulatory boundaries in place;
  • Advocate changes within the companies at management and operational levels to deal with competition, regulation and revenue growth;
  • Development of strategies for in dealing with all possible scenarios within the regulatory boundaries;
  • Provide support when dealing with disputes concerning consumer issues;
  • Provide technical, operational, economic and legal support on all issues within the regulatory domain;
  • Provide administrative support when applying for licenses, dispensations, frequencies and inspections of their networks;
  • Investigation of technical interference complaints and resolutions;
  • Provide Utilities support for all issues surrounding the regulatory framework which the provider is subjected to operate in;
  • Support the Utility Provider with operational support in dealing with specific regulatory issues;
  • Provide technical and operational support to the Utility branch in implementing innovation such as smart-grids, smart-metering and energy efficiency;
  • Provide assistance for number portability issues;