Utilities: Electricity and Water

Effective Energy Regulation
Utilities are essential for every community and is a key pillar for economic development. Prices of water and electricity influence the cost of doing business.

To obtain sustainable utility system there is a need for an efficient regulatory framework that inspires innovation, sustainability, continuous supply, affordability and efficiency. In addition we cannot move forward in this era without renewable energy that promotes distribution production and stability in its network. Individualizing of consumer utility needs is a revolutionary new way of regulating and applying new and innovative products on to the markets it is of utmost important to have an effective regulation framework to promote growth in this sector.




Electricity and Water

Electricity and Water are vital for the daily lives and well-being of all citizens. It is also of vital importance to the economy and its development, growth and sustainability.

We provide the advisory services which make these resources available at affordable prices for households and businesses while also maintaining a reliability and quality of service. A very important aspect that E Regulatory Consultancy B.V. specializes in, is to promote and adopt local renewable energy resources which make the society less dependent of the fuel fluctuations internationally.

The services that we provide in the Electricity and Water sectors are the following:

  • Analysis of the market;
  • Promote efficiency and quality service of energy savings;
  • Development of guidelines based on basic principles of regulations, such as affordability, sustainability, efficiency, renewable and continuity;
  • Overall policy for Electricity Production and Distribution;
  • Policy for renewable electricity production;
  • Reducing non-revenue electricity issues with regards to developing a cost effective and efficient distribution network;
  • Reducing non-revenue water issues and develop a cost effective and efficient distribution network;
  • Developing of cost calculating models for efficient production and distribution;
  • Promote energy efficient applications for households;
  • Developing infrastructure for renewable distributed electricity supply by means of renewables;
  • Consumer interest and needs;
  • Safety and Security;
  • Advise and Implement automated metering systems (Advanced Metering Infrastructure -AMI) for electricity and water supply chain supervision;
  • Introduce Smart Grids and Smart Homes applications;
  • Inspection of electrical installation and commissioning;