Cyber Security

In the past years the developments in the ICT domain have grown exponentially, especially due to the convergence of technology and increase use of computers, tablets and smart phones in our daily lives.

Businesses and citizens worldwide use these technologies to communicate, acquire essential data and apply it through the internet to their daily life in all sectors.

All applications that use internet are susceptible to hackers and cyber threats. In order to protects and mitigate daily cyber threats, all users of the internet must be aware of these threats and undertake security measures to protect individual and business users. This contributes to a more secure usage of the internet while protecting users against malware. In order to obtain this level of security our company offers advisory services and solutions that will resolve the cyber threats in your network.

Cyber Security services we provide:

  • Establish and Organizing of private and national CERT’s (Cyber Emergency Response Team);
    • Coordination of national incident handling;
    • Protection of critical infrastructures;
    • Training and awareness program for IT Sec;
    • International Point of Contact for other CERTs;
    • IT Security Policies for the national network infrastructure.
  • Provide international contacts and networking for a functional and effective CERT;
  • Advisory Services on protecting your network against:
    • PGP Encryption;
    • DNS Sec;
    • Phishing;
    • BOT Nets;
    • SPAM;
    • Lock and Monitoring of network;
  • Establish and Organizing point of contact to ease the cyber security threats;
  • Prevent by awareness and implementation of measures, Detect, Analyze, Alert and Resolve;
  • Recovery by contingency of lost data;
  • Monitoring Services for your network against malware;
  • Awareness by training and education;
  • Develop policies, legislation, agreements and MoU’s for trusted parties;
  • Advisory service and solutions for cyber treats;
  • Establish private and national CERT’s and develop funding plans;
  • Provide training and procedures for an effective cyber security;
  • Advice in protecting your network against malware and spam;
  • Advise in locking and monitoring of your ICT network;
  • Provide awareness, detection and resolution of your ICT networks;
  • Advice in secure internet usage for consumer;