e-Services and e-Gaming

E Regulatory Consultancy B.V. provides advisory services for developing and implementing e-Services such as e-Government, e-Commerce, e-Health and e-Education. By implementing these services a nation will be ahead of the curve in ICT developments.

e-Gaming is the next big e- application development. Those nations that implement e-Gaming on their ICT infrastructure will reap the benefits of the new ICT era. By implementing these solution you can harvest the benefits that the ICT development brings.

Services we provide in this sector:

  • Develop Regulatory processes and frameworks for the rapid deployment of these new ICT developments;
  • Advise and Implement comprehensive ICT roadmaps solutions for developing of the ICT infrastructure and creating content for e-Services;
  • Harness and Implement ICT solutions for the rapid development in this sector;
  • Development of Master Plans for ICT Developments;
  • Fostering security solutions for implementing e-Services and e-Gaming;
  • Reorganizing your infrastructure to be able to carry these ICT services;
  • Adoption of Innovation and latest developments in the ICT sector;
  • Acquire and train personnel to deal with these developments;

Perform Market, Impact and Sensitivity analysis for decision making and further development of your infrastructure and services in your nation;